Happy and Uncomfortable and Digesting Dog Food

So this morning I woke up to the news that my blog has been shortlisted in two categories in the Irish Blog Awards. This makes me happy and uncomfortable in equal measures.


The blog has been shortlisted in the personal category and humour category. I feel immense pressure now to over share even more than I ever have and to do so in a humourous fashion. I am actually not a funny person but at the risk of sounding like Mary cheery as fuck Poppins, I do try to subscribe to the, if you don’t laugh you will cry school of parenting.

I started the blog as part of my website for updates . Then I started blogging about more personal things. Then it kind of became my hobby. I’m lacking in hobbies, I can’t bake  or skydive or zumba or rollerskate. I am shit at crafts and I don’t know how to shoot clay pigeons ( but I would really like to be able to shoot clay pigeons or real pigeons for that matter) .  Also I write mostly about the kids as I reckon they might enjoy reading it when they are older and its nice to catalogue some of the day-to-day things that I will forget as time goes by. Of course, I could be writing these things privately and there is probably no need to put my thoughts out online but I try to forget other people can read my thoughts when I hit the publish button. I freeze when people in real life say something about a blog post I have written. I freeze in more spectacular fashion when its someone I don’t know well and I had no clue they read my blog. I am also pretty sure there are people who know me and thing  “who does your wan think she is writing a blog, why does she thing anyone will care what she has to say”. That’s fine. I think like that too a lot of the time.

My blog is semi anonymous. Sometimes I wish it was anonymous because as some people  in real life regularly read  my blog , I have to be aware of what I am writing. Lets be honest my parents really don’t want to read about my sex life do they?

Then on the other hand, it continues to surprise me, that people sometimes do want to read some of my ramblings and some people can identify with my rants about food shopping and school runs, penises drawn in permanent market on my couch, forgetting to take my knickers off when I was in labour and my constant disappointment that my house is always a tip. People send me lovely emails and write comments on my blog that make me laugh and teach me things and I have gotten to know loads of imaginary friends aka online friends as a result and that’s deadly too.

Also I cannot afford therapy and writing my blog is the next best thing and that’s the main reason I do it so thanks to all who nominated my blog and to those who read it. For anyone in a similar position as myself, I would recommend blogging, it genuinely is therapeutic.

In other news, I am pretty sure, I just ate dog food. I swallowed something lumpy when drinking a cup of coffee a minute ago. I looked into the cup and there was a nugget of dog food sitting at the end of it. The three year old assisted in feeding the dog this morning so it makes sense she added some dog food to my coffee. I wouldn’t recommend it as an addition to your morning coffee and I am trying hard not to think that right now my body is digesting it.

Dry dog food deliciousness via cavalierhealth.com

Dry dog food deliciousness via cavalierhealth.com


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30 +, Husband, three little girls, one little boy, one dog. Overdrawn, overtired, overemotional and overwhelmed most of the time.
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15 Responses to Happy and Uncomfortable and Digesting Dog Food

  1. Congratulations on the nominations. I also understand about being freaked out when real people talk about the blog. Someone tweeted me the other day to say their daughter recognised mine on the blog – turns out they went to preschool together! Small world.

  2. Susan says:

    I LOVE your blog! Wish I’d known where to vote. On the other news, dog food is probably ok in tiny amounts. My girl, when she was three, sampled the two week old crust on the cat’s dish a couple of times, with no ill effects.
    Congratulations on the nomination!

  3. mummyshymz says:

    Congratulations on your nominations. Don’t worry, dog food is safe in small quantities. I’ve accidentally eaten some before too.

  4. Good luck to you, and don’t worry.We used to actually eat our dog’s biscuits when we wee kids, (despite or in spite of our mother’s forbidding), without any problems, (although some people consider me ‘barking’). Seriously, wish you the best.You know I enjoy your blog.

  5. A Carter says:

    Congratulations! This is huge! And don’t worry about the kibble. If Ireland is anything like the US, the standards for cleanliness and nutrition in the pet food plants are higher and far more rigorously enforced than those in the plants that produce food for humans.

  6. speccy says:

    This is a great post if you’re ever wondering why you’ve been shortlisted: it’s funny, well written, personal and -most importantly- rings true.
    I’m not a fan of the “everything is fab in my world aren’t my children wonderful look at all the perfection and give me a book deal” type of blogging. Real life is rarely like that!
    Well done you :)

  7. Tinman says:

    Well done on making the Shortlists, I think your blog is both funny and personal so you deserve to be in both categories.

  8. Congratulations! Happy to be in such funny company :)

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