First Valentines Day -Vs- Tenth Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day this week, are you a fan? I am not. I don’t like a day telling me I need to be romantic and Id probably get quite annoyed with a bouquet of overpriced red roses. Id prefer that money was spent on something I liked on a random day. I think we buy into when we are younger but wise up as we get older but maybe that’s just me…….

The Card

val 1

1st Valentines Day– One hour is spent in a card shop choosing the correct card. The hunt for the perfect card that conveys both thought and maybe humour is not easy to find. At least another hour is spent writing the message inside the card.

10th Valentines Day– You remind yourself to buy a card. You forget. You eventually remember when you see the crap selection left in the garish display in the 24hr garage when you are there to buy milk. You grab one. It has a cheesy or smutty message. You don’t realise as you dont read it. You place a cup of coffee on it home and then try and wipe it off but the imprint of the cup remains on the envelope. You scrawl your signature.

The Preparation


1st Valentines Day– The restaurant has been booked for 10 days. You are waxed, moisturised and primped to perfection. You have bought new, expensive, not very comfortable underwear. You worry about how your body looks in said underwear. You have no idea just how perfect your body is and what three kids will do to it.

10th Valentines Day– Does not exist.  You may change your top or you may get into your pjs because its been a long day. You would’ve gone to the beauticians but every spare cent of this months disposable income has been spent in the pharmacy because its February and your kids have picked up every bug going.  You consider dragging out that uncomfortable underwear that you bought ten years ago that’s in the back of the drawer but realise there is no way that bra is closing on you now……. You laugh at your 10 year ago self for being self-conscious about your body. Your body rocked 10 years ago.

The Present

1st Valentines Day– After a lot of thought and searching you have found the perfect gift for your Valentine.

10th Valentines Day– See above. All disposable income has gone to the pharmacist.

The Meal


1st Valentines Day– You sit in the nice restaurant with all the other shiny, loved up, slightly   awkward couples in the flickering candlelight. You sip your wine, talk and order something that wont be messy or likely to stick in your teeth. You share a dessert.

10th Valentines Day– You might make the effort to eat later and separately from the kids. You light candles, the hide the mess as well as being atmospheric. Or maybe you go out to eat. You gulp your wine, it’s a rare occasion when you are out in a restaurant that doesn’t come with a crayons on the table. You eat your food with gusto, no plastic cutlery here. You try not to snap when your beloved refuses a dessert but then eats half of yours.

The Dance

1st Valentines Day – You’re back home. You put on a carefully chosen cd. The dancing is a little awkward but its part of the plan for the perfect Valentines evening so you get on with it.

10th Valentines Day– Its a special dance. There is no music. Its called getting to bed without the kids waking up. You avoid the creaky stair, you have perfected brushing your teeth making minimal sound. You pirouette in to check the kids are ok and back out of the room like a ninja.

The Sex

1st Valentines Day– Its long. There is lots of eye contact. It is fine.

10th Valentines Day– It is short. It is good. A lot better than 10 years ago……..

So Valentines Day- love it or hate it?

I’ll take random romance throughout the year instead  thank you.

Love 1

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16 Responses to First Valentines Day -Vs- Tenth Valentines Day

  1. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years this year, so I can relate!
    Absolutely love this post! Valentine’s Day… Meh. Not so much. 🙂

  2. yorkshiretea says:

    Ah, so true. It’ll be our 5th Valentine’s Day and it certainly reads more like the 10th than the 1st!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, I am laughing here… the dessert bit struck a deep chord with me there….

  4. writingmom2013 says:

    I kind of love Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong – the pressure to spend money is ridiculous, and I personally think most young guys view this “holiday” as a guaranteed lay if they put on a suit, buy some roses, and take a girl to a fancy restaurant. But I love that there was a St. Valentine, and that he risked his life to marry people behind the Roman Emperor’s back. I also love that we have taken this saint’s life’s work, and decided to commemorate it by getting young guys laid. It strikes me as absurd, and slightly hilarious.

    Great post, by the way! Thank you for writing. 🙂

  5. gwen says:

    I concur. 100%. Great post, I especially loved the bit about your Before Childer body. I am *trying* to eat a piece of cake here at the moment, I told the pesky kids it’s CHEESEcake. Hoping the cheese part would make them gag. Nope!! Happy Valentines Day anyway.

  6. dhonour says:

    Lol….so true. I am thinking back to our first Valentine’s Day, 15 years ago. There were homemade candles and a mixed tape! And a very fancy dinner that neither one of us appreciated at the time. But here we are, 15 years later so I guess something worked!

  7. mollyeleen says:

    So funny and true. Read this to my hubby and we were crying from laughing at the truth of it all.

  8. Joanna says:

    We are nearly 6 years married and I don’t think I can recall anything of significance on any of those past Valentine’s Days so I don’t think there’ll be any difference for us between the first one and the tenth one unless my husband undertakes a faceoff-type thing with someone really romantic.

  9. Love it! We have the Valentines Cards we bought seven or eight years ago and brownie points go to the person who can find what box they’re in before the day is over. Occasionally, like Marge Simpson, I buy a gift for him that’s actually for me, so he gets the double bonus of having something to give me and also not having to feel guilty about me buying him something. He’s pretty romantic most of the time, much more than me, so I’m one of the lucky ones I guess.

  10. Caítríona says:

    Oh dear, I am the husbag in the relationship when it comes to Valentine’s. He gets a card & makes the effort. I sit on the sofa & go “meh”. I’d rather be appreciated/romantiscised all year around.

  11. limmster says:

    over rated. hate it! love this post though 🙂

  12. Emma says:

    Any type of forced romantical-ness(new word get familiar) makes me want to bawk.

  13. mkconlon says:

    Ah I like Valentines Day, and the reason we celebrate it (ie St Valentine himself) but it is way to commercialised (but then again so is every other celebration during the year). I think it’s a good reminder to those partners out there who are not romantic during the year.
    I know I’ll be cooking a nice dinner with candles lit (while kids are in another room playing and the mess hidden by the soft lighting lol).
    Great post!

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