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What All Men And Most Female Hairdressers Have in Common

Do you know what men and all ( male or female) hairdressers have in common? The inability to grasp the concept of inches. For example three inches is not six inches unless you are a man and/or a hairdresser. I … Continue reading

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Why I Am Very Impressed With The Ferry

Last weekend myself and my family travelled to Wales with Stena LineĀ from Rosslare in Wexford to Fishguard in South Wales. We had an early start on the Friday morning, minutes before we left the house, we lifted the children from … Continue reading

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Summertime – When Garden Birds Have A Better Sex Life Than You………

Bright evenings, occasional sunshine, slightly reduced heating bills, Summer, in the main, is good. I like Summer or rather I like most things about Summer. Then are the things that bother me about this season. Some irrational ,some not so … Continue reading

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