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On Finishing The First School Year

Last Summer, I wrote a post about my boy starting school. Tomorrow he finishes his first year in school. In the year he has grown up so much. There are no traces of anything baby like about him. He looks … Continue reading

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Why Labels Are Not Always A Bad Thing

This week last year, my daughter was finishing her second year in school. This week last year, we got confirmation that she has dyspraxia. We had suspected this was the case for at least a year prior to this but … Continue reading

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The Problem With Big Boobs

This morning I was woken at some ungodly hour, as usual. I sat up and almost passed out from the pain in my left boob. It felt like somebody had taken a knife to it as I slept. I spent … Continue reading

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Big Brother

The three-year old is going through a particularly tyrannical stage. It’s a bad one. We are worn out, all of us. I will leave that rant for another day though. This afternoon, we were late for the kids dance class. … Continue reading

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Meltdowns, Filth and Screaming

    So the last week we have had our Irish summer. Continuous sunshine, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. Blissful or rather blissful bar for one thing –  the sun seems to have transformed my children into … Continue reading

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The Curious Tale Of The Missing Bag and The Unhinged Mother

Of all the things that could have broken me (sleep deprivation, tantrums and 7 weeks of chicken pox were all strong contenders)  in the end it was a simple schoolbag……. Do you know the way at the start of the … Continue reading

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