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What I Have Learnt In My 30s

It was my birthday earlier this month. I am 35. I like this age. In fact I like my thirties. I think its my favourite decade so far for a number of reasons. The main reason is I have developed … Continue reading

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It All Adds Up

My two eldest children are back to school next week. The cost of uniforms, books, shoes and everything else comes in at just under €1000. For two small children. We have spread the cost over the last few months school … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why Ben Affleck As Batman Is News To Be Celebrated

A brief note on the best news on the internet this week…….. On Thursday evening Warner Bros announced Ben Affleck is to be the next Batman. The internet exploded with people giving out about the choice. Deluded people. Memes, petitions … Continue reading

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A Very Fine Glamping Experience

We have the week off this week. Holidaying at home. The kids have a list of things they want to do this Summer. We are trying to tick off this list this week. A constant any time they make a … Continue reading

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23 Things That Annoy Me Greatly

I am listing all the things that are currently annoying me in the hope that it will be cathartic and they wont bother me as much anymore. This list is not definitive. It is just what is bothering me right … Continue reading

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Swimming Against The Tide

I try hard to be positive. Things will get better. Onwards and Upwards. This too will pass. Its taking its sweet time though  passing, isn’t it? Every month the wages run out quicker than the month before.  Everything seems more … Continue reading

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Close To My Heart

The theme of this years World Breastfeeding Week is peer support. To show  support for World Breastfeeding Week, the Irish Parenting Bloggers group have been blog marching about our varied breastfeeding experiences, My breastfeeding days are over so I had … Continue reading

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