A Very Fine Glamping Experience

We have the week off this week. Holidaying at home. The kids have a list of things they want to do this Summer. We are trying to tick off this list this week. A constant any time they make a list like this is always- Camping.

This is how I feel about Camping

I love not camping

So the camping requests have always been ignored. Last week I tried to book a hotel for a night or two away in Ireland for the five of us. It would have been easier and ,in some cases,less expensive to book a trip to the space station. Hotels- FYI-  lots of families have more than two children and  do not want to stay in a hotel and leave small children in a separate hotel room. Anyway I digress, the hotel booking did not work out. Then I remembered Glamping.

The Collins Dictionary defines Glamping as : 


  1. a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holiday.

Or in my words- Glamping- its like camping for those who cant actually handle camping.

Sold. Some googling, emails and calls later and we were booked for a night with Wildflower Glamping in Co. Cavan. This was to be our home for the night

Via Wildflowerglamping.ie

Via Wildflowerglamping.ie

I posted looking for camping advice on my Facebook page. There was much hilarity from my friends. I failed to mention the glamping part. They felt cheated when they found out I would be sleeping in a bed and not on the ground.

So off we set. Much excitement from the kids. Mild trepidation from me. We followed the road signs to the site. Took the turn off the main road, drove on and on. Into the middle of nowhere. Miles from a street light. My trepidation increased. I’m not a fan of the dark. We encountered some cows on the road just before we arrived. I was driving. The husband was telling me to drive around them. The cows kept walking in front of the car. I double checked the central locking and tried not to hit the husband or a cow. We all survived and arrived at the site. The website does not do Wildflower Glamping justice. It was perfect. So pretty. Small playground on site. All lovely. There were two other families staying on the site so we didn’t see much of the older two kids from the time we arrived till we left again. They played the whole time.

Via Wildflower Glamping

As well as the luxury of beds we also had a shed beside our tent with electricity, sink and a kettle. Far from slumming it. The kids played. Myself and the husband read. It got dark. Fire was lit, marshmallows were toasted, ghost stories were told. I was sipping a glass of red wine thinking this is perfect.

The husband was very proud of his fire.

The husband was very proud of his fire.

Then it started to rain a bit. Then it got cold, very quickly. I glanced at the three year old who looked as cold as I felt. She is more like me than I thought.

The small girl and I snuggled up in bed

The small girl and I snuggled up in bed

We took ourselves off to bed and left the others to the campfire. It was not actually that cold it was obviously psychosomatic. it being a mild August night but I was freezing- long sleeved t-shirt, nightdress, fleece pyjama bottoms, leg warmers were put on and myself and the littlest one took ourselves to bed with hot water bottles (provided in the tent, like I said far from slumming it.)

The beds were really comfortable. The shared bathrooms were perfect. Not a sentence I ever imagined writing. The husband went to investigate them when we arrived. I asked anxiously where they ok. His reply. Cleaner than at home.  The whole place was lovely and it was a touch magical once we all went to bed lying there under the fairy lights.

Woke up at 2.30am sweating and bursting to go the bathroom. The pitch blackness stopped me from going  thought. I really don’t like pitch darkness. I have an over active imagination, thoughts of crazed cows or serial killer lying in wait preventing making the 3o foot trek to the bathroom.  Apart from the full bladder, I slept ok. Everyone else slept perfectly. 

glamping 1

Would I recommend? Absolutely. The kids adored it “best night ever” according to the big girl and boy. Next time I will bring earplugs ( who knew cows were so noisy?) and a catheter and a travel mug for my wine/coffee as everything I drank had a wasp swimming in it before I finished.  Great fun though and perfect for those not at one with the great outdoors, like myself. Will visit again and hopefully visit some of the other Glamping sites around Ireland next year.

Via Wildflower Glamping

Via Wildflower Glamping

See Wildflower Glamping – www.wildflowerglamping.ie  for prices and booking. Next on my glamping wishlist is Teapot Lane

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15 Responses to A Very Fine Glamping Experience

  1. office mum says:

    I hear you on the catheter, I had a similar reluctance to walk through the dark to shared bathrooms in the middle of the night on our recent glamping trip. I think yours sounds better than ours – we had no fairy lights,hot water bottle or shed with kettle!

  2. Next time, a little bucket in the corner 😉 A year or two ago we camped in the garden, definitely not glamped; the cockerel perched on the bloody tent at four am and crowed for hours ( despite me firing every shoe at him. He was determined)

  3. I love the bit about the flies or wasps swimming in your wine… trust me, you get used to it! Joys of country living 🙂

  4. April Bracken says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of glamping and I’m in love with it! Thank you!

  5. yorkshiretea says:

    I love this! I’m looking into it and starting “Operation Persuade Husband” asap!

  6. SusieChopstick says:

    I’ve been hearing good stories about glamping in Cavan. In an aside on the wasp issues, it’s been a bumper year for them hasn’t it? My babyminder seems to have sorted it. She has a jar outside on her decking with a hole in the lid. it’s filled with honey, yogurt, other leftover sweet stuff. The wasps fly in and can’t get out. The jar is FULL of carcasses after a day or two but it keeps them out of the house.

  7. bonibakes says:

    I stayed here in July with the hubby and seven-year-old… great holiday. We all loved the place 🙂

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