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My Soundtrack To Mid-Term Break

This is the current soundtrack to mid-term break. All of the following have been shouted, screeched, whispered, roared and whinged daily this week.   Wake up now. Open your eyes right now. I’m starved. My bowl is the odd one … Continue reading

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Bribery, Broken Promises and The Tyrannical Three Year Old

I have recently adopted a new method of parenting. It’s not one I am proud of. When my eldest daughter had a temper tantrum or a meltdown, I dealt with it calmly. I throughly researched ways to deal with challenging … Continue reading

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What I Will Be Mostly Wearing This Autumn/Winter

A couple of years ago I received this as a gift for Christmas. I am not going to lie, I was quite horrified. Not so horrified that I threw it out but horrified enough for it to live behind a … Continue reading

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People I Will Hire When I Win The Lottery

It’s a shitty day and its raining and I’m in a bad mood so I am playing fantasy lottery win……… Due to the complexity of my spending after my lotto win I shall probably need to break this down into … Continue reading

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