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Chapters That Are Missing From Pregnancy Books

I think there is a real need for a pregnancy book for those expecting their fourth child. The normal pregnancy books don’t really apply as they omit all the necessary information. I may write one. As I am not even … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe

This photograph is three months old. The following is what has happened since then Shock More shock Surprise Shock Nausea Puking Fear Shock Puking Exhaustion like nobody has ever known Shock Puking Sleep Puking Nervousness Puking  Shock Awe Puking Excitement … Continue reading

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Online Charity Auction for The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland

Some children despite adequate teaching, a stimulating environment and with a generally normal intellect, have difficulty with movement and specific aspects of learning. Dyspraxia is a difficulty with thinking out, planning and carrying out sensory / motor tasks.     … Continue reading

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Second- Childitis

Disclaimer- I write the following with a feeling of deep shame and would like to assure anyone reading, I adore, love and worship, every last single ounce of my boy child.  I think most parents are ,generally speaking, more relaxed … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail Number 4531- You Should Always Hide The Sweets

  Yesterday was my 8th Halloween as a parent. I should know better. I am currently barricaded in the kitchen, hiding. We had a lovely day yesterday, being very unorganised, I had to make a last-minute run to the over-priced … Continue reading

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