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Raising Delinquents

So tomorrow is April Fools Day. My children are wildly excited by this. The three of them spent ages upstairs this evening plotting. Tonight when I walked into the boy’s room he was about 3ft higher in his bed than … Continue reading

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Antenatal Appointment Awkwardness Part 71

The #nomakeupselfie swept across Irish and the UK social media last week, raising phenomenal money for the Irish Cancer Society, Cancer Research and other charities. The majority of my photographs on Facebook feature me make up free so I decided … Continue reading

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In Which I Continue To Embarrass Myself

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I generally lose my sense of general cop on when I’m pregnant and go to great lengths to embarrass myself. I wrote about in the past how I rocked up to … Continue reading

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Now She Is Four

My youngest child turned four a few weeks ago. It’s a big age,¬†four. Your newborn arrives with a bang, a whirlwind of broken sleep, wonder, chaos and love. She transforms to a toddler with a bang. One day she is … Continue reading

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