Antenatal Appointment Awkwardness Part 71

The #nomakeupselfie swept across Irish and the UK social media last week, raising phenomenal money for the Irish Cancer Society, Cancer Research and other charities. The majority of my photographs on Facebook feature me make up free so I decided to post a different photograph over the weekend.



My #nomakeupselfie – The Bare Bump

I wrote last week about going on in great detail about my sex life or lack thereof and my penchant for inappropriate underwear at antenatal appointments so roll on this Monday morning and I had another midwife appointment. I had showered since but kids markers don’t come off easily.

So there I am lying on the bed, mindful of my previous behaviour, I was wearing a t-shirt and plain knickers, nothing was going to embarrass me today, t-shirt lifted, confident for once that the conversation would only be pregnancy related.

The midwife asks “Eh is that a face drawn on your stomach?”

Me “Yes. Yes it is

Midwife: “Oh did your kids draw it?

Me “No actually my husband did

Conversation ended. I’d no energy to explain and I’ve very little shame left at this stage.

About The Clothesline

30 +, Husband, three little girls, one little boy, one dog. Overdrawn, overtired, overemotional and overwhelmed most of the time.
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6 Responses to Antenatal Appointment Awkwardness Part 71

  1. Ah that’s brilliant!!! :-0

  2. Sara says:

    PMSL…. Just hilarious 😂

  3. Catherine Lonergan says:

    Gas! I’d love to know what they say about you when you leave! I’m sure they are glad to have some entertainment!

  4. Patricia says:

    I wonder what you will say during labour!!!

  5. This is so awesome! Maybe I should do something like this to make my belly checkups more entertaining.

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